California Warehouse Worker Arraigned for Alleged Workers’ Comp Fraud


The Golden State Storehouse Employee Arraigned for Alleged Employee’ Compensation Scams

Crescencio Velasco Covarrubias, 45, of Switch Willow, Calif., was arraigned today on several felony matters of insurance coverage fraudulence after purportedly falling short to divulge previous occupational injuries in order to gather unjust employees’ payment advantages.

Covarrubias submitted an employees’ compensation insurance claim for an injury he received on June 26, 2017, while utilized at a retail storehouse facility. Covarrubias affirmed he hurt his left ankle joint, foot, heel, and also when he misstepped while brushing up. As component of the insurance claims procedure, Covarrubias was accountable for reporting any kind of previous injuries, as they can have influenced the end result of the present insurance claim.

An examination performed by the California Division of Insurance coverage supposedly exposed on Nov. 11, 2010, Covarrubias submitted an employees’ compensation insurance claim, refined by a various insurer, for a reciprocal knee, neck, and also back injury, in addition to left foot and also ankle joint injuries. When Covarrubias was driving a tractor shuttle bus filled with almonds and also was struck by one more tractor shuttle bus, those injuries were supposedly received. Covarrubias’ injuries were dealt with by his main dealing with doctors and also he obtained a $90,000 negotiation.

The examination right into the June 2017 injury insurance claim supposedly discovered that Covarrubias not just fell short to report the November 2010 injuries, however when especially asked, he refuted any kind of previous injuries to his left foot, ankle joint or back.

Covarrubias’ deceptive declarations supposedly caused a loss to his company’s insurer of greater than $87,000. If Covarrubias would certainly have reported the injuries from November 2010, the insurer would certainly have performed an examination and also most likely refuted or customized the present insurance claim, therefore stopping Covarrubias from getting advantages he was not qualified to, according to CDI(.

Covarrubias self-surrendered and also was arraigned on January 7. He is set up to go back to court on March 15. The Kern Area Area Lawyer‘s Workplace is prosecuting this situation.

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