Insurance agency sues ex-employees who left after boss admitted fraud


Insurance policy firm files a claim against ex-employees that left after employer confessed scams

Hauser charged the previous workers of breaking employment contract when they left the company. The company additionally declared that a person of the accuseds, Jeremy Puzzle, got customers after signing up with Roehr as well as revealed exclusive Hauser info in persuading those customers to relocate with him.

Puzzle submitted a reaction to the accusations, stating he did not obtain Hauser customers, neither did he divulge any type of info. He additionally declared that Hauser bulk proprietor Mark Hauser had actually disclosed that the appeal bargain he had actually gotten in was influencing his capacity to do organization.

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According to Puzzle, Mark Hauser had actually authorized the appeal contract in October 2019, yet that info would certainly not be revealed to the remainder of the company up until August 2020, when the firm proprietor called a conference. Hauser informed workers that it was a “personal matter” that would certainly not impact business, yet Puzzle declared that numerous customers claimed they were not comfy to proceed associating with the firm.

“In an industry that relies on trust between broker and client, and requires high ethical standards for licensure, Riddle had no choice but to disassociate himself from a company, that had excused, if not actively concealed, this fraudulent and illegal conduct,” a court declaring from Puzzle’s event claimed. “It is simply not in the public interest to restrain Riddle and any clients who trust Riddle, but not a convicted felon, in an industry that requires trust and ethical conduct.”

An additional among the accuseds, Cameron Martin, claimed in an additional court declaring that the three-year consumer non-solicitation stipulation in his agreement was a prohibited agreement as well as therefore not enforceable.

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