BroadStreet Partners appoints new CEO


BroadStreet Allies designates brand-new Chief Executive Officer

The board of supervisor of BroadStreet Allies has actually called Ken Kirk, present head of state of the firm, as its most recent ceo.

Kirk is successful Rick Miley, creator as well as present Chief Executive Officer of BroadStreet. Miley will certainly shift right into the duty of exec chairman. According to BroadStreet, Kirk’s visit to Chief Executive Officer is the execution of a lasting sequence strategy.

Kirk was called head of state of BroadStreet Allies in 2017; he initially signed up with the broker agent in 2013. He was formerly the local head of state of a big nationwide broker agent, as well as was likewise the Chief Executive Officer as well as proprietor of his very own independent insurance policy company.

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“Ken has an extensive background in our industry, and he was immediately attracted to BroadStreet’s unique investment model when he joined us,” stated Miley. “Ken has been instrumental in our expansion and he has worked closely with our agency leaders to optimize their growth and development.”

“When Rick started BroadStreet he went to market with a fresh alternative to traditional independent agency perpetuation,” included Kirk. “BroadStreet offers entrepreneurial agency leaders a true partnership model: a solution that builds agency value, respects our partners’ autonomy, retains talented colleagues, and lays the foundation for future agency leadership.”

Kirk likewise commented that Miley’s ongoing participation in the firm is “critical to [its] evolution,” which Miley will certainly remain to be a leader in establishing brand-new collaborations as well as broadening the co-ownership version.

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