Washington’s Minimum Wage to Reach $13.69, Will Also Impact OT and Salaried Execs


Washington’s Base pay to Get To $13.69, Will Certainly Additionally Effect OT and also Employed Directors

Washington’s base pay will certainly raise to $13.69 per hr beginning Jan. 1, 2021. Due to the fact that it additionally influences salaries paid to some employed workers excluded from overtime and also various other securities under state legislation,

The adjustment is considerable this year.

The Washington State Division of Labor & Industries implements the state’s wage-and-hour legislations. The base pay puts on a lot of tasks, consisting of those in farming.

This is the initial year L&I has actually gone back to computing the base pay because 2016. For the previous 4 years, rises were mandated as an outcome of flow of Campaign 1433 that year.

The 2021 base pay is based upon a 1.39% rise over the last twelve month in the Customer Rate Index for Urban Breadwinner and also Clerical Employees.

The state base pay puts on employees age 16 and also older. Under state legislation, companies can pay 85% of the base pay to employees ages 14-15. For 2021, that will certainly be $11.64 per hr.

Employed exec, specialist and also management employees, and also computer system specialists should make an income over a minimal given total up to stay overtime excluded. That quantity will certainly raise in 2021. When updates to the state overtime guidelines took result July 1,

  • L&I transformed the minimal quantity these excluded workers should make. The income limits are currently based upon a multiplier of the base pay.
  • In 2021, those limits are:

For local business with 1-50 workers, an excluded worker has to make an income of a minimum of 1.5 times the base pay, or $821.40 a week ($ 42,712.80/ year).

For big services with 51 or even more workers, an excluded worker has to make an income of a minimum of 1.75 times the base pay, or $958.30 a week ($ 49,831.60/ year).

There are additionally adjustments in the limits for excluded computer system specialists paid by the hr.

Due to the fact that the brand-new state limits will certainly be extra desirable than the government limit of $684/week ($ 35,568/ year), Washington companies will certainly need to stick to the state limits in 2021.

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