UK pet insurer launches in the US


UK family pet insurance provider launches in the United States

Business is going into the United States market after increasing its gross written costs over the previous year to greater than $200 million. The United States family pet market has actually expanded by greater than 25% each year in the last few years, yet 98% people family pet proprietors do not have insurance coverage, according to ManyPets.

“ManyPets was born in Europe, but when we looked across the pond we saw clear demand for quality pet insurance,” stated Steve Mendel, founder as well as Chief Executive Officer of Acquired By Several. “Our relentless focus on customer service and innovative insurance products is earning accolades from pet parents all around the world, from industry-leading NPS scores to consumer awards.”

Acquired By Several got in the family pet insurance coverage market in 2017. In 2019, it introduced in Sweden, where it is currently the highest-ranked insurance provider for its canine insurance coverage. Business currently covers almost 400,000 animals in the UK as well as Sweden.

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“We’ve seen how successful our approach can be, even in highly established markets like Sweden,” Mendel stated. “We now want to bring our ethos and deep understanding of pet parenthood to a budding US pet insurance market. We see a huge opportunity for ManyPets to introduce pet parents to a game-changing insurance offering that’s better than they thought possible.”

In 2015, Acquired By Several shut among Europe’s biggest insurtech funding increases, a $97.75 million development equity financial investment led by FTV Funding. The business has actually elevated $165 million to day as well as has actually increased its head count over the in 2015. It currently uses greater than 230 individuals around the world.

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