Woman gets two years for cutting own hand off in insurance fraud scheme


Female obtains 2 years for reducing very own hand off in insurance coverage scams plan

Regarding a year prior to reducing her hand off, Andlesic authorized agreements with 5 various insurance provider. She stood to accumulate greater than EUR1 million, concerning fifty percent payable quickly et cetera in regular monthly installations, the AP reported.

After Andlesic cut her hand, her partner and also his daddy took her to the medical facility, declaring she had actually wounded herself while sawing branches. Authorities affirmed that they left the hand behind instead of bringing it to the medical facility to make certain that Andlesic’s handicap would certainly be long-term. Nevertheless, cops recouped the hand and also it was reattached, the AP reported.

District attorneys likewise claimed that before the event, Andlesic’s partner had actually browsed the web for info concerning prosthetic hands.

Andlesic urged that she was innocent, the AP reported.

“No-one wants to be crippled,” she claimed in court. “My youth has been destroyed. I lost my hand at the age of 20. Only I know how it happened.”

The Slovenian situation isn’t the only event of limb-lopping for money. In the 1950s and also 60s, the city of Vernon, Fla., obtained prestige as a result of the unbelievably high variety of homeowners that made insurance coverage cases for unexpected arm or leg loss, leading several to guess that community homeowners were severing themselves for insurance coverage payments. At the time, Vernon made up almost two-thirds of accidental-dismemberment insurance claims across the country, according to Wikipedia.

“Vernon’s second-largest occupation was watching hound dogs mate in the town square,” insurance coverage detective John J. Healy informed The New York City Times “Its largest was self-mutilation for monetary gain.”

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